Maldives Dives

Let me start with this: it was great to travel again. Like so many, I've been ready to go as soon as it seemed to be safe (safer?). Having not been in the water since early 2019, I couldn't wait. I took on an ambitious trip - diving in the Maldives, followed by a week in Egypt, which I'll post more about next time. The beautiful Maldives are just a few feet above water. And they are beautiful! Classic white sand beaches on hundreds of tiny islands, wonderful resorts, and amazing turquoise waters. Being "a few feet above water" is of course a growing problem due to climate change, as are recent coral bleaching events. Having heard about the coral bleaching in the Maldives, I didn't know what to expect. And, although there were some sites that showed some damage, I was blown away by how the fish population seemed to be not just be surviving but flourishing and most of the reefs were showing strong signs of recovery. It was really good to see such active reefs, and as it turned out, one of the "fishiest" places I have dived. Enjoy some images and a little video from the trip! ( you can click to pause and resume)